Intro to Becoming a Lash Artist

Everything you need to know about lash extensions service in one book! 

Lash Book for Beginners

All of the knowledge is stored in our 40+ page E-book. Learn every detail about being a lash artist, understanding the skill, the lash tools, and gaining clients.

Preparing you for becoming a lash artist

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs begin a new journey of financial freedom. We created an e-book to prepare each lash artist with the best knowledge to help them along this journey. Let’s start your career in a million-dollar industry.

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What's included in

Intro to becoming a lash artist

Intro to becoming a lash artist e-book will cover the following topics:

→ Growth phases
→ Types of eyelash extensions
→ Classic lashes
→ Eyes diseases & infections
→ Sanitation & sterilization
→ Workarea Equipment
→ Tweezer knowledge
→ Adhesive knowledge
→ Allergic reaction vs irritations
→ Lash artist health
→ Preparing for clients
→ Lash mapping
→ Taping methods
→ Eyelash extensions application
→ Aftercare instructions
→ Potential Income
→ Price structure
→ Retention Issues
→ Policies
→ NYS Rules & regulations
→ Social media marketing
→ Lash model practice
→ Client information forms
→ Lash supply brands

  • Lash Skills

    Learn everything you need to know about lashing and the supplies you should have. Also, understand how to use your supplies to prevent pre-mature shedding when lashing clients.

  • Pricing & more

    Learn how to price your service and gain clients to grow your business as a newbie in the lash industry.

  • The Business Side

    Now that you learned the skill and how to price yourself as a lash artist. It's time to start taking clients, using different booking sites and creating policies for your business.