Learning the Fundamentals Of Lashing

LB Aesthetics offers private training in eyelash extensions. Our educational training will provide lash techniques in classic and volume while teaching theory and practical knowledge. We are proud to say our training is full of information for new lash artists to be prepared to start their careers. 

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs begin a new journey of financial freedom. We created a program to prepare each lash artist with the best knowledge to help them along this journey. Students are qualified for ongoing mentorship whenever needed. Let’s start your career in a million-dollar industry.


    Registration: $200
    Full Investment: $800

    Monday - Thursday 
    9am - 5pm
    1 days

    → For beginners who are ready to join the beauty industry.

    ﹢Application theory & practical
    ﹢Sanitation and sterilization
    ﹢Workspace set up
    ﹢Product knowledge 
    ﹢Lash cycle and health
    ﹢Basic styling & mapping
    ﹢Proper isolation, placement, direction
    ﹢Natural lashes: Curly vs Straight
    ﹢Lash weight & ratio
    ﹢Adhesive knowledge
    ﹢Retention Overview 
    ﹢Aftercare tips
    ﹢Eyelash removal techniques
    ﹢Infills for returning clients
    ﹢Hands on practice with mannequin head & worksheets 
    ﹢Client consultations, management & record keeping
    ﹢Branding & marketing 
    ﹢Price Structure
    ﹢Building clientele
    ﹢NYS rules and regulations


    Registration: $500
    Full Investment: $1200

    Monday - Thursday 
    9am - 3pm
    2 days

    → For experienced lash artist ready to take their skills to the next level.

    ﹢Application theory & practical
    ﹢Sanitation and sterilization
    ﹢Workspace set up
    ﹢Product knowledge 
    ﹢Lash cycle, health & signs of lash stress
    ﹢Various fanning & pickup techniques
    ﹢Styling & mapping
    ﹢Introduction to strip lash & wispy styling
    ﹢Proper isolation, placement, direction
    ﹢Wrapping vs Crystalizing
    ﹢Lash weight & ratio
    ﹢Intro to mega volume 
    ﹢Adhesive knowledge
    ﹢Retention Overview 
    ﹢Aftercare tips
    ﹢Eyelash removal techniques

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What's Included:

1-2 Days of Training | Manual | Student Kit (valued at $$250-350) | Certificate of Completion | Live Model Practice | Lunch | Ongoing Mentoring.

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What's Inside Your Lash Kit

■ 2-4 Classic or Volume Lash Trays
■ 2-3 Kinds of Tweezers
■ 1 Lash Adhesive
■ Lash Cleanser
■ Lash Spoolies
■ Lash Microswabs
■ 2 Types of Tape
■ Lash Mirror
■ Gel Eye Pads
■ Glue Rings
■ Glue Pallet
■ Lash Tile
■ Cream Lash Remover
■ Handheld Fan
■ Mannequin Head
■ Training Lashes
■ Lint Free Wipes

Student Kit Valued at $250-350

The Lash Gems

  • Heyyyyy I'm Nadia, Your Lash Educator

    Classic Lash Certified | 2017
    Volume Lash Certified | 2018
    Volume Lash Certified | 2018
    Licensed Esthetician | 2019

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