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Each lash training is full of detailed information Nadia has accumulated from trail and error throughout her career as a lash artist. Including a 50+ page manual for you to take home and review at your own pace.


Experience hands-on, how it feels to service a client for the 1st time. Students are allowed to shadow and observe techniques and once they are comfortable enough, they begin to take control with guidance from educator.


Joining this course gives you the chance to improve your lifestyle and increase your income by providing services in the beauty industry.

Student Feedback

The class itself was great for a person wanting to start a business or even just to have that as a skill I highly recommend. Nadia was a great instructor very informative and helpful she’s a great mentor especially with the extension to be able to still have her help me out throughout my journey ,any questions I have after the class or if I need a little help in an area she still available to help and I appreciate that a lot .


I took a classic training class with Nadia & she was truly the best ! She made sure to tell me everything I need to know in order to get started on my lash career even help me set up my scheduling link and gave me several apps to make my instagram page super cute! She provided a kit with so many goodies! Also, I could see her love for the artistry just by the way she would answer my questions. Its been months since my training but Nadia still checks up on me and how I’m doing and I also keep her updated with how I’m doing or If I tried anything new and receive her opinion. Honestly, There’s not a bad thing I could say about Nadia... she is just an overall sweetheart & knows what shes doing! I recommend her to anyone who wants a hands on teacher or wants a beautiful lash set 😍. Love my teacher!


I did a 1:1 volume training with Nadia!!! I have to say she was AMAZING!!!! Money well spent. She was cool , relatable , and very knowledgeable about the lashing technique and curriculum. What I loved most was her drive to assure my ability to complete the task , her patience, and he generous persona . Any information to take my business to the next level was given without hesitation!! She is truly about ALL women Winning!!!!!.


"I signed up and took a Volume Lash Extension course with Nadia, and honestly she is one of the top Lash Technician Educators in NYC. I am truly satisfied with my decision in allowing her to assist me in continuing my education in lash artistry. She is is very knowledgeable in all aspects and provides you with great information on the basics of volume from the types lashes through different styles and techniques. My kit encompassed a variety of quality tools and items to assist me in getting started. She is very hands on and thorough during her trainings because she wants you to walk out confident and with the skill. She checked on my progress super often and it definitely pushed me to continue practicing. Our course was a hybrid style half online/ half in person and it was worth every dime I spent. Nadia also assisted me with content and giving me many apps to assist me in building up my social media and client pricing. She was/ is a wonderful educator and I would definitely recommend her to others and take additional courses with her myself. Thank you again Nadia!"