LB Aesthetics, Acne Bootcamp is the best option for those who are ready to take the next step and begin their journey to healthy skin. Our Acne Bootcamp is intended to Repair & Restore the skin barrier to its healthy state with bi-weekly and monthly treatments.

During your time in the Acne BootCamp, you will learn how the skin barrier works and what your skin needs to reach your goals. Each client will receive customized, quality treatments and products to improve their skin during this journey. 

Did you know...your at-home routine is super important? But wait, did you also know this will help you progress on your journey to healthy skin?! Many individuals have a hard time staying committed to their at-home routine. But the truth is, we're a team, and we have to work together!

Most of all, consistency is key!

Get ready to learn the importance of your home regimen and how to stay on track with a step-by-step routine that's personalized just for your skin. 

Acne Bootcamp offers three (3) months, six (6) months, and twelve (12) months of commitment options for healthy skin. The best membership for you will be determined based on your skin concerns.  

Why should you choose our Acne Bootcamp?

Our Acne Bootcamp has changed many of our clients' lives with a 90% success rate towards reaching their goals of developing a healthy skin barrier. Now they are committed to monthly maintenance treatments to keep the skin barrier healthy & glowing.

If you are: 

  • Self Conscious about the appearance of your skin
  • Experience Frequent breakouts 
  • Have Mild to severe acne 
  • Turn to social media for skincare advice
  • Spend lots of money on ineffective products

The Acne Bootcamp is for you!

It's time to make a skinvestment to focus on three main factors: Repair & Restore the skin barrier. The length of your Acne Bootcamp will be determined at your 1st visit where you will meet with a skin expert to conduct a consultation to learn about your skin type, acne type, skin sensitivity level, food intake, skin habits, and much more.

Repairing the barrier is not an overnight success instead, you must commit and trust the process.


Commitment Options for

Acne Bootcamp

Three (3) Months

3 Months of treatments
6 Sessions

→ 6 Bi-Weekly Treatments

▪️ Only available for those with mild acne.

*Acne hydrating Treatments or Acne Peels are included*

Six (6) Months

6 Months of treatments
10 Sessions

→ 8 Bi-Weekly Treatments
→ 2 Monthly Treatments

*Acne hydrating Treatments or Acne Peels are included*

Twelve (12) Months

12 Months of treatments 
18 Sessions

→ 12 Bi-Weekly Treatments
→ 6 Monthly Treatments

*Acne hydrating Treatments or Acne Peels are included*

Skincare Regimen

The Average cost for full skincare regimen from our partner brand will be valued at $180-$250.

→ 2-3 month supply with correct amount usage.

Complimentary Skincare Regimen Included with Acne Bootcamp


  • Acne Consultations + First Treatment

    Are you ready to stop struggling with Acne and commit to getting this condition under control?

    Schedule a virtual consultation where we will have an in-depth talk about your lifestyle, food intake, and current skincare regimen.

    Ready to take the next step? Let's schedule your first treatment, where we will have a skin analysis to understand your skin barrier sensitivity, acne level, and more.

  • Strict At-Home Regimen

    Did you know that 80% of your results come from being consistent with your at-home regimen?

    We're committed to helping you reach your skincare goals therefore, a complete at-home regimen is required to purchase when having your first Acne Bootcamp in-studio visit.

    Your at-home regimen will include a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF, and acne med, along with a PDF of steps to use your new regimen.

  • In-Studio Treatments

    Each individual have different skin with different levels of acne severity. The recommended length of in-studio treatments will be determined at your first treatment visit.

    In studio treatments can consist of hydrating acne treatments or medium depth acne peels. Bi-weekly treatments are required to start repairing the skin barrier and get the acne condition under control.

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We ask you to remember 3 things:

Have Patience, Trust The Process & Stay Consistent. 

Real Results

“Since June of 2020 I have been battling with acne on my cheeks. I’ve tried expensive products which were not working at all. I met Nadia in August 2021 and I am beyond happy that I met her. In just two months I saw major improvements with my skin. I love that Nadia takes her time and before applying products on your face she lets you know what it is. Since seeing her I get so many compliments on my skin. I always look forward to my appointments with her. The music Nadia plays also makes me feel very relaxed, I’m always leaving her studio feeling refreshed!“

- Dina M.

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Frequently Asked Questions about

Acne Bootcamp

Im currently visiting a dermatologist, will the acne bootcamp be best for me?

Acne Bootcamp treatments are not best for clients currently taking topical prescription medications. Depending on the skincare medication you are currently using, we may ask you to discontinue usage to prevent any contraindications.

Why do I need so many bi-weekly treatments?

Each client has different skin needs to help reach their skincare goals. To help repair your skin barrier by clearing your acne at a faster rate, we suggest having frequent in-studio treatments for at least six (6) months. As time goes on and we notice your progress is way better, we will switch to monthly treatments.

Will my acne be gone forever once completing the Acne Bootcamp?

The truth is that acne is a chronic skin condition with no cure.

Joining the Acne Bootcamp will help repair your skin barrier and help you reach skin goals, but with acne-prone skin, you may experience breakouts here and there. We suggest staying committed to your routine to prevent your skin from having major breakouts and clogged pores.